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About Us

AGC Malaysia was formed back in 1997 where a group of avid golfers from the Air Cargo Industry had come to an agreement to join the Regional Air Cargo Golf Club (AGC). Mutual understanding and shared interest in the game of golf was the meeting point of the pioneer members.

The formation of AGC Malaysia was instrumental in promoting regional networking and creating close ties between key air cargo players around the Asia Region. Apart from sharing the interest on the golf course, the annual Regional AGC Golf Tournament proves to be a mutual meeting point for members of the community to share experiences and exchange views to spur the development of the Air Cargo Industry.

Now, AGC Malaysia has grown to become one of the largest contingent to the Regional AGC Golf Tournament. With the strength of over 40 members, this association has shown promising growth in the years to come. Apart from the annual programmes, AGC Malaysia also organises monthly golf tournaments and participate in global golf events in the relation to the Air Cargo Industry such as the Air Cargo Forum (ACF 2009).