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Rules & Regulations

Scoring System

The team event is based on Stableford system. The Best Gross and Doubles event are based on stroke plays over two days.


It is defined as within putter length minus grip length and add one stroke to the score. To speed up the play, "gimme" is allowed for Team event based on Stableford System, For player competing the Individual Best Gross and Doubles event, they must hole out no "gimme".

Countback Rules

Team event:
The lowest total handicap shall be declared winner.

Individual and Doubles event:
1st - Best score of the back nine (10th to 18th Holes)
2nd - Best score of the total of the last 3 holes
3rd - Best score of the total of the last 6 holes
4th - Best score of the last hole (Hole 18)
5th - Best score of the Hole 17 then "16", "15" and so on.


Maximum for Men : 24
Maximum for Ladies: 28


Special prizes wall be awarded to achiever(s). For every hole-in-one during the 2 days competition, all participating golfers shall contribute USD 20 (per hole-in-one) or its equivalent as a reward for the achiever(s).

Rules of the Game

The rules of golf shall be governed by PGA, USPGA, AGC and local club rules. In case of a dispute or doubt, the player shall play both the original and provisional balls for that hole and report to the tournament officials who will decide the ruling and their decision is final.